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What are pokies?

A pokie is simply a machine that creates a game of chance for players to enjoy and also win big. It is also known as a fruit machine or a slot.

Contrary to traditional machines, online pokies now operate by use of touchscreens or push buttons. Pokies are the most common gambling games available in online casinos around the world.


Types of online pokies

As a novice player, you may not know the different types of pokies available. There are various types of online pokies one can use to earn real cash in any online casino.

3-Reel Pokies

The simplest online pokie in the world is the 3 reels online poke. If you are new to slots, this pokie should be your first try. Besides, the features and paylines are minimal.

  • Minimal features and paylines
  • Simple

5 Reel Pokies

A major section of games in online casinos is formed the 5 reel slots. It is hard to win jackpots on a 5 reel slot due to the addition of extra reels.

7 Reel Pokies

Imagine the amount you will take home after matching seven symbols in the 7 reel slot games? Unfortunately, the 7 reel slots are a rare sight in the online casino industry.

Where to Play online Pokies

Are you looking for a place or site to play online pokies? There are alot of online gambling sites in Newzealand where you can play online pokies and wing huge jackpots.

  1. Online casinos
  2. Best Newzealand pokie sites

Among the best online pokie sites in Newzealand include JackpotCity, Play Amo, Dream Vegas, Leo Vegas, and many more. The casino sites have huge bonuses for new and existing players.

Other types of online pokies

Apart from the above types of online pokies, there is another classification of online slots which shall be discussed below. Some are classified according to payouts while others according to graphics.

Video pokies

As the name suggests, video pokies are slot machines that feature video graphics. They add more fun to players because of the animations and graphics unlike those of plain symbols.

3D pokies

We all know 3D is associated with technological advancement. When you play a game that has 3D graphics, it feels like a reality. That is what is contained in 3D online pokies.

High Payout Pokies

One of the things players look for in a slot machine or online pokie is the amount of payout. High payout pokies are those with amazing prizes and offer to increase your winnings.

How to Choose the best pokie

Choosing the best online pokie might be daunting since we all have different game tastes and preferences. If you like simplicity, then the 3 reel slot might be for you.

RTP and Volatility in online pokies

RTP and volatility are important aspects of choosing an online pokie. RTP is an abbreviation for return to player. The RTP for online slots/pokies varies between 93% to 98% respectively.

3 reel slots have a lower RTP compared to the 5 reel online slots. A volatile slot has big winnings that occur infrequently. On the other side, low volatility results to slow payouts.